How to get there

Northern Cyprus Airport

Option 1
The main airport in Northern Cyprus is currently Ercan Airport, located 25 km from the capital city of Nicosia, 35 km from the popular resort of Kyrenia, and 50 km from Famagusta.

All planes flying international routes to and from Ercan Airport must make a stopover at one of the Turkish airports.

Southern Cyprus Airport

Option 2
You can fly directly to Cyprus, but only to the southern part of the island. Such flights are accepted by Larnaca Airport. To fly to Southern Cyprus, you need a Schengen visa or a pro-visa.

To get from Larnaca to the desired resort in Northern Cyprus, it is most convenient to use transfer services.

To Northern Cyprus by sea

Option 3
There is a possibility to get to Northern Cyprus by sea — by ferry. Ferries depart from different cities in Turkey on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and the duration of the trip is also different.

Some ferries only carry passengers, while others can be driven to Northern Cyprus by car.

Ferries depart to Kyrenia and Famagusta from Tashudzhi and Mersin.

How to get to Rix Apartment

Google Maps: Kyrenia, Bar Duck.
GPS coordinates: 35.33 745, 33.30 481

No one knows addresses in Cyprus, including taxi drivers. It is very difficult to find a place by address.

Landmarks: Beer Point, Lemar (old Astro), Gloria Jean’s Coffees.

From the airport, you need to get to the center of Kyrenia. Find the Lemar supermarket (old Astro). To the right of it is the Credit West bank. It is located on May 19th street.

20 meters down this street, you will find the office building of the company "Kipr24". Turn left directly behind it into RiX.
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