Currency of Northern Cyprus

When traveling abroad, it is useful for tourists and travelers to familiarize themselves with currency matters.

What money is used in the country, how easy currency exchange operations are, whether it is profitable to bring foreign currency or better to exchange money on the spot — these are the questions that are best resolved before the trip.
Of course!

Cards are accepted for payment in many establishments. Visa and Mastercard cards can be used on the territory of Northern Cyprus.

Withdrawing or depositing cash will also not be difficult

There are many ATMs that may charge a commission. This can be up to $ 2−3 per transaction.
Exchanging money will not be a big problem. Exchange offices are present in sufficient quantities at post offices, hotels, transport agencies, shops, large shopping and entertainment centers.

It is unsafe to exchange money with private individuals and strangers. It is also not worth looking for exchange offices with the most favorable rate, as the exchange rate is approximately the same everywhere

It is best to take foreign currency — dollars, euros — for exchange. They are the easiest to exchange on the territory of Northern Cyprus.
Accurate information on fluctuations in the euro exchange rate on the island can be found on the official website of Eurobank Cyprus or on numerous Russian-language resources dedicated to currency conversion
The official currency of Northern Cyprus is the Turkish lira. Other types of currency are also accepted — the British pound sterling, US dollar and euro.

Foreign currency can be used in cafes, restaurants, museums, shops, and many other establishments.

Furthermore, real estate prices in Northern Cyprus are mostly set in pounds sterling.

Many large contracts are concluded with the amount specified in pounds, euros or US dollars. The actual exchange rate is indicated in such contracts.

What is the official currency of Northern Cyprus?

What is the exchange rate in Northern Cyprus?

How to exchange money in Northern Cyprus?

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