Public Offer

The Contractor expresses its intention to conclude this Agreement for the provision of services on a condition specified in this public Offer with individuals and legal entities, hereinafter referred to as Clients.

This public offer is valid for all services (accommodation, meals, service) offered on the hotel’s website, located on the Internet at

1. Basic concepts used in a public offer

1.1. Public Offer — this document is available on the hotel website (hereinafter referred to as the Offer).

1.2. Acceptance of the Offer — full and unconditional acceptance of this Offer by the Client in the manner provided for in clause 3.1. of the present Offer.

1.3. Client — an individual or legal entity that purchases the Services under this public offer agreement.

1.4. Consulting services — online and offline consultations provided by the Contractor by electronic and other means of communication (remotely), on accommodation, accommodation, entertainment for children and adults (accommodation of pets and other animals), as well as on nutrition, sightseeing and service and other resort Customer service.

1.5. Contractor — registered in accordance with Russian law LLC Torgovy Put (TIN 7 606 077 364).

1.6. Website — the official Internet resource of the hotel (

1.7. Services — services provided to Clients on a paid basis, including: accommodation in rooms and separate buildings on the hotel territory, meals in the hotel restaurant, use of the hotel’s infrastructure for recreation and entertainment, as well as rental services and other tourist services.

2. Subject of the contract

2.1. The Client orders / reserves the Services posted on the Contractor’s website (accommodation, meals, additional services, excursion and tourist services), prepays / pays for the Services in full, and the Contractor checks and confirms the preliminary orders / reservations, sends the details for prepayment, accepts the prepayment / full payment remotely and locally, and also provides other Services to Clients.

3. Acceptance of the offer

3.1. The acceptance of this Offer is considered 100% prepayment by the Client of the Contractor’s services.

3.2. Acceptance assumes that the Client is familiar with the terms of this Offer, the description of services on the site, unconditionally agrees with all of them. In case of disagreement with any conditions, the Client refuses to conclude a contract.

3.3. The Offer Agreement between the Contractor and the Client is considered concluded at the time of acceptance.

4. Rights and obligations of the Parties

4.1. The Contractor is obliged:

4.1.1. provide the Services in accordance with this Offer and the description available on the Site, prices, the procedure for the provision of Services within the time specified on the Site or previously agreed with the Client in the manner prescribed by clauses 4.3., 4.5. of this Offer;

4.1.2. provide the Client with reliable information about the services provided;

timely provide the Client with information about all changes in the conditions of this Offer, as well as provide the Client with information about new Services;

4.1.3. indicate on the Site the actual price for the Services provided;

to consider the Client’s requirements for "Refund of money for unproven Services" in the manner prescribed by clause 6.1., 6.2. of the present Offer.

4.2. The Contractor has the right to include the Client’s email address in the hotel newsletter list.

4.3. The Contractor has the right to terminate the provision of the Service to the Client and terminate the public Offer agreement in case the Client violates his obligations in accordance with this Offer.

4.4. Customer is required to:

4.4.1. to accept, of course, and in full, the terms of this Offer;

4.4.2. carefully study on the Site information about the Services, their cost and the procedure for rendering;

4.4.3. select and book the necessary Service, as well as get acquainted with possible payment methods;

4.4.4. when ordering and booking the Services, provide only reliable data;

4.4.5. pay for the service on the terms of the Contractor.

4.5. The Client is prohibited from reproducing, repeating and copying, selling and reselling, as well as using for any commercial purposes the materials provided by the Contractor.

4.6. The client has the right to send the Contractor claims on the quality of the services provided, within a period not exceeding five business days from the date of the actual provision of the Service. If such a claim is not received by the Contractor within the specified period, then consider that the Client has no complaints about the quality of the Services, and the Services are considered to be provided in full and in the proper manner.

4.8. The Contractor may refuse to the Customer the processing of the order without returning the paid funds if the Customer fails to provide personal data to the Contractor and / or in the case of knowingly false data;

4.9. The Client has the right to demand a refund for actually unproven Services in the manner prescribed by clause 6. of this Offer.

5. The provision of services

5.1. The description, contents, a list of options for additional and excursion services, the order / reservation procedure, prices, prepayment / payment and provision of the Services to the Client, as well as the conditions for "Refund of prepayment for unproven Services" are available on the Contractor’s official resource

6. Payment for services. Refund for unproven services

6.1. Prepayment of the Services ordered by the Customer and confirmed by the Contractor shall be made no later than 5 calendar days starting from the date and time of confirmation of the order / reservation by the Contractor and the last invoice to the Customer to make a partial or full payment of the confirmed Services.

6.2. In the event that the Client makes an advance payment and the Client subsequently refuses to use the ordered and prepaid Services, the Client has the right to demand a refund of the money contributed by him in the following order:

6.2.1. a refund of 100% of the amount deposited (minus the fees of payment systems and / or the bank conducting the transaction) is possible if the Customer has announced the cancellation of the order / reservation and refund to the Contractor’s email marked "Cancellation and refund money for unproven Services "in a period exceeding 14 calendar days before the date of commencement of the actual provision of the Services by the Contractor;

6.2.2. a 50% refund (minus the fees of payment systems and / or the bank carrying out the transaction) of the amount of the prepayment made by the Client is possible if the Client announced the cancellation of the order / reservation and refund by sending an email to the Contractor’s email marked "Cancellation of the reservation and refund for unproven Services" in a period not exceeding 7 calendar days before the date of commencement of the actual provision of the Services by the Contractor;

6.2.3. the advance payment is not refunded to the Client, in the event that the relevant request "Cancellation of the reservation and refund for unproved Services" was received by the Contractor within less than 7 calendar days before the date of the actual provision of the Services by the Contractor, the time of the actual delivery of the Services by the Contractor begins — to be considered 12:00 local time of the actual place of provision of the Services

6.3. The requirement for "Refund of money for unproven Services" should contain:

6.3.1. surname, name, patronymic of the person who requires a return;

6.3.2. order number, date, payment amount;

6.3.3. reasons for the return;

6.3.4. passport data of the payer;

6.3.5. bank account details for the transfer of the refundable amount;

6.3.6. phone, email address, postal address for contacting the recipient of the refund amount.

6.4. The Client is solely responsible for errors that are made by him when paying for the services of the Contractor.

7. Personal data of the Client and their confidentiality

7.1. The Client gives the Contractor permission to collect, process and store personal data that is provided by the Client when placing the service order (surname, first name, middle name, email address and telephone number, address of registration / actual residence, passport data and data of other identification documents).

7.2. The Contractor uses the above personal data about the Client for:

7.2.1. fulfillment of obligations to provide Services under this Offer Agreement;

7.2.2. feedback and informing the Client;

7.2.3. reporting.

7.3. The Client’s personal data may be disclosed to third parties only with his permission or at the request of state bodies in the manner prescribed by the Federal Law on Personal Data No. 152.

7.4. The client has the right to demand the destruction / depersonalization of his personal data that is stored by the Contractor by sending a letter to the Contractor’s email

8. Settlement of disputes, procedure for the consideration of claims

8.1. The Contractor makes every effort to prevent violation of someone else’s rights in the provision of services.

8.7. All disputes between the Client and the Contractor, if the parties have not settled them pre-trial, are resolved in court.

9. Duration of the Public Offer Agreement

9.1. This Offer and its Acceptance in accordance with clause 3.1. of this Offer, form the aggregate contract for the provision of services, concluded on the terms of this Offer, without the possibility of revoking the latter.

9.2. This agreement comes into force from the moment of acceptance of this Offer by the Client and is valid until the Contractor’s obligations to provide the Services are completely fulfilled.

9.3. The Client agrees that the introduction of amendments and additions to this Offer entails the introduction of amendments and additions to the Agreement already concluded and in force between the Contractor and the Client, and they enter into force simultaneously with such amendments to this Offer.
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